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What is Salonsintheloop.com?

Salons In The Loop for
salon clients

Clients will have ownership of their own profile to upload photos and track their beauty journey. Clients can schedule appointments with their regular professionals and pay online. When clients need to find a substitute professional or one with a specific skill, then clients can use our "Send Request Name My Own Price" service to upload pictures of their desired look and current look, give desired date and time, describe and submit a request to interested professionals in a desired servicing area.

They will be compensated for giving a professional an opportunity to serve them by paying a price that they submit. The process will allow clients to schedule appointments with the professional and we collect the payment to ensure that the client pays the amount in the agreement.

When clients do not have an appointment, and wishes to be seen that day, we have an online waiting list in which clients can sign in to be next in line. This feature works well with barbers and nail salons that do not like their clients to have to wait long hours in a salon or barber shop.

Salons In The Loop for salon
professionals and Hosts

Salonsintheloop.com is an online platform where Hosts don’t have to wait on professionals to request to rent a booth. Professionals don’t have to call salons to see if they have space available within the next hour or day. Salonsintheloop.com is the “go to” site that allows Hosts to post their unused space as it becomes available for same day or future rentals.

Stylist, barbers, estheticians, manicurist, makeup artist, braiders, salon assistants and any beauty professionals can locate available booth rentals in places nearby and even in other states. Hosts and Professionals create a FREE profile with search and browse capabilities.

Salonsintheloop.com is the connection where beauty professionals can upload pictures, receive notifications, view history, read ratings and reviews. Professionals can find space listed for reoccurring hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Hosts can assign a chair to a regular booth renter and set up reoccurring booth rent payments. Traveling stylist and mobile stylist can locate non-reoccurring rentals for pop up salon events and temporary events.

Salonsintheloop.com is a fair and transparent company. Hosts can accept, reject, or block a professional from renting. Professionals can receive request to assist a salon that needs an assistant, shampoo tech, braider, or request a professional with a special skill. Salonsintheloop.com is a well- designed platform that only charges when you receive funds from someone that we connect you to.

There are no hidden fees. There is no fee to enroll and we only charge 10% when we deposit money into your account. Cancelations and full refunds can be made 48 hours prior to the service start date. Payable funds are released to PayPal account the next business day after the service start date. Request can be made to “dispute funds from release” prior to the service date or on the service date.

Kimberly Scruggs

About Me

Hi, my name is Kimberly Scruggs. I am a Professional, Host, and inventor of SalonsInTheLoop.com. I founded SalonsInTheLoop.com in 2014. It was because of my challenges with building a clientele and finding booth renters in my own salon that lead me to create a website to link Hosts and Professionals to unused space. In my experience as a Host, I realized that a lot of professionals wanted to rent space on a pay as you use basis. Unfortunately, no platform existed that would advertise the Host’s space as it became available. One day one of my renters said that she was not going to be able to rent from me full time anymore because her clientele was declining. I realized that her problem was going to be my problem.
That gave me the idea for a website that benefits salon clients, Hosts, and Professionals. This platform allows clients to pay a reduced price when they give a professional an opportunity to build a clientele or service clients during slower periods. This platform allows Hosts to rent booths to daily renters while helping professionals to grow their clientele which will require that they rent more frequently. In addition to a support system that helps professionals to grow their clientele, Salons In The Loop will provide other services for the busy professionals; such as time slot booking, online appointments, receiving requests and access to multiple locations when needed. SalonsInTheLoop.com is for you.